Recent advances in laser hair removal technology now make it possible to permanently remove unwanted body hair, quickly and easily, with no pain and proven long-term results. The combination of three wavelengths means that all kinds of patients can be treated without limitation of skin type, hair type or time of year.

Patients seek treatment for laser hair removal for almost any body part with the most popular treatment areas including underarms, legs, the bikini area, the upper lip, chin, and men’s backs and shoulders.

How laser hair removal works

The rate of hair growth differs from person to person. In addition, the extent to which hair grows (thickness and length) is dependent on the area of the body the hair is in, and on other factors such as heredity and ethnicity.

Regardless of those factors, though, body hair grows in three phases from follicles in the skin’s dermal layer, and the science of laser hair removal remains the same.

The Anagen Phase:
Hair is actively growing from the follicle. Laser hair removal is effective on hair that is in the anagen phase, as this is when the follicle is richest in melanin.

The Catagen Phase:
Follicles reduce in size, which stops hair growth.

The Telogen Phase:
New hair growth begins pushing old hair out of the follicles, and the process begins all over again.

The amount of hair in the anagen phase at any given time varies, but is usually around 10-15%. Because not all follicles are always in the same growth phase, multiple laser hair removal treatments are necessary to target all the hair in all its growth phases.

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There are thousands of different laser hair removal devices on the market, online deals sites offering cheap laser hair removal packages, spas that use old technology claiming permanent results. It does not work. Older technology does not treat all skin types and hair colour.  Here is why: 

There are 3 different laser wavelengths to permanently remove hair: Alexandrite, Diode and Yag. But each concentrates ONLY on ONE skin type. Our system has each one separately, and also a combination of all three so we can treat a wide range of skin complexions from fair to dark.  Our laser hair removal system is virtually painless, works on all skin types and can even be used on tanned skin.

Alexandrite is indicated for treating pale skin with fine hair.

Diode is indicated for treating all skin types, particularly patients with a grey hair and during first sessions of laser hair removal.

Yag is indicated for treating dark types of skin (III-IV tanned, V and VI).

Blending the three types of wavelengths all-in-one laser device gives us the only 4-stage laser hair removal on the market.


Safe. Pain Free. Hair Free.



The results are cumulative, so after your first session, you will see the hair shed in a few days. With each subsequent treatment, you’ll see further reduction in hair growth.
Because each hair follicle will be in a different growth stage, you will see some hair return after a few weeks. Your next session will target the new hairs that are in the ideal growth cycle. That is why it’s so important to maintain a regular schedule of treatments until final results are achieved.

Laser hair removal results in a permanent reduction in the number of hairs. It can only address existing hairs. The laser cannot prevent new hair from growing. Hair growth cycles are different, depending on individual factors such as: heredity, hormone imbalances, resistance to insulin, pregnancy, thyroid issues, reactions to medications and aging.

Everyone! Laser hair removal is safe for all skin types, hair types and most hair colors. It can even be used on tanned skin. The bottom line is – if you have hair where you wish you didn’t, laser hair removal performed by our experts is for you.

There are certain areas of the body that are more sensitive than others, such as the bikini area. These areas may be a bit uncomfortable during the treatment. A topical numbing cream can be applied beforehand. Treatments are usually quite tolerable on most other areas of the body.

To help reduce discomfort you can try shaving closer to your appointment time. The less hair on the surface, the less discomfort you will feel. Also, for women, if you are in your menstrual cycle, your sensitivity to pain in general may be increased. Booking your appointments when you are not on your period will help.

You should expect to need 4 to 6 treatments per area to maximize your laser hair removal. People come in different shapes and sizes, and have different types of hair. We encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation, so that we can create a custom plan just for you.

If you require more than 6 treatments, we can do any additional treatments at a discounted ‘maintenance’ or ‘touch-up’ price. Please remember that the experience of the technician plays a big part in how many treatments are needed and we are proud to offer our medical professionals who are well-trained and experienced in laser hair removal.

Temporary redness and swelling is common following laser hair removal and will resolve in minutes to hours. Occasionally superficial blistering can occur which may cause temporary pigmentary changes such as lightening or darkening of the skin. This may last weeks but rarely longer. The risk of infection or scarring is extremely low.

Because laser hair removal is non-invasive, the risks are minimal. Risks most often occur when patients do not prepare for laser hair removal, or follow post-procedure instructions. In these cases, the risks of scarring, burning, and hyperpigmentation increase.